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General definitions of the cover provided under the term “life insurance”. This cover is provided by all major insurance companies and is subject to underwriting.
Simply put

Life Cover
Financial security: Provides funds that may be used to ensure that the current standards of living of the beneficiaries of the policyholder can be maintained. The Duration of the cover can be for a term (Home Loan) or for whole of life for Estate Planning.

• Disability
Covers the Life assured for specific physical and Functional impairment events of a permanent nature and the total and permanent inability to engage in an occupation. This benefit expires at age 65 or 70 depending on the company where the business has been placed.

• Critical Illness (Dread Disease)
Covers the insured and his/children with cover for all major body systems in the event that they should be diagnosed with a specific illness, suffers from a specific condition or undergoes a specific procedure. This benefit should be taken for whole of life because most of the Critical Illnesses that affect an individual occur after age 65.