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• Income Benefits (Income Replacement Plan)
The is designed to pay a monthly benefit to the life insured after the expiry of the waiting period should he/she become disabled. This benefit can also be taken in conjunction with a Disability Benefit. The waiting periods range from 7 days to 24 months. 75% an insured’s gross earnings is the maximum that can be insured. The expiry of the benefit can be age 60, 65 or 70

• Funeral Benefit or Final Expenses Benefits

This benefit provides accessible cash on the death of the Life Covered to cover final expenses such as the cost of relatives travelling to the funeral, clearing debts (for example credit cards), the funeral itself and short term living expenses of dependants. On average there is a 48 hour turn around time from the date the claim documents are submitted to the time the funds are paid out to the beneficiary. This benefit is available to all family members.

All the above benefits are the basic benefit that makes up a Life Insurance Policy. The cover can be taken for Personal Financial Needs as well as for Business needs. The benefits can be taken on an individual basis (i.e. should you only require cover for Disability or as an entire package.